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The Adventures of the Doherâts

You know you want them

Sassiest, most superpowered family everrr!!
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This community is a humble tribute, dreamt up by flaaa_blah and layladarling in a rambling story on MSN that lasted well into the wee hours and made us laugh so hard that it became reality. longlivedreams, of a similar beautifully cracked-out mind, holds similar sway here. If you could call it sway. Although you can't really. We're all in this together.

You will find here the adventures, or at least those so far committed to the internet, of the Doherty-Barât family, who live in a huge big mansion in the middle of London.

Peter Doherty of the big brown eyes and Carlos Barât, sassy and feminine chanteuse, are more than happily married, they adore the ground the other walks on. They, needless to say, enjoy a very active and vibrant sex life, but also love those quiet, special little moments. Astile, Peter's their simply gorgeous son, may be only three but he is a superhero who can navigate London ALL BY HIS LONESOME! Well, usually. Sometimes he gets lost, and an adventure of the most Arcadian sort ensues.

(His godparents are Morrissey and Robert Smith, so it's no wonder really he's a bright and genius-minded little lad.)

They are the happiest family ever, it warms the cockles of your heart to think about it.

How we get along, get along, get along:
(Our philosophies and byebye-laws of which there are very many and few)

#4354353. If you're of the opinion that Peter Doherty is a ... a, a - junkie waster or something of the sort - it probably is not your kind of place. Although we are always glad to convert you to The Truth and The Way of Bilo love.

#7689765. Similarly, if you're homophobic or extremely easily freaked out. There is a little x in the corner of your screen if you'd prefer not reading THE TRUTH what we think.

#4753474. Peter and Carl are GHEY!!!!111onehundredandeleventyone!! Sorry if you've got a problem with it, it's your loss. We're not stopping our fun for you. Bye now. (But have a nice day!)

#9568934. It is entirely possible for two grown-ups and a baby to have such adventures without being arrested or getting hurt.

#7832423. No-one will be denied access to this community, but we understand if it isn't your cup of tea. We do however love new members, and we're friendly and nice and welcoming. :)

The dreams of flaaa_blah longlivedreams and layladarling can be your dreams too! Fic, pictures and general musings are fawned over, and extremely appreciated. Anything goes - please be nice to each other and yourselves, let your imaginations run absolutely mental and enjoy the sexxxxxxxx.

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