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The Adventures of the Doherâts

You know you want them

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Sassiest, most superpowered family everrr!!



Skipped Back 10

March 12th, 2006

Part One!

The vaiiirrry first part of what inspired us to create this little group.

Warning: I don't want to start a scrap with anyone, so my advice is to keep well clear if you are easily offended by the following:

- Vicious hatred of Kate Moss. Sorry if you like her, but we don't. (To put it mildly.)
- Which is expressed in very graphic terms
- Gay sex
- Some really, really, really screwed-up imagery
- Hilarity
- Psychadelic love of Peter/Carl luff
- The universal truth that Astile is the most beautiful baby IN ZEE WORLD!!

Most all of the funny/genius parts were in all likelihood dreamed up by flaaa_blah, not me. :)

Thankee for reading. :)

The following is an extract from a chat on MSNCollapse )

I have finally made good on the drunken oath to make the wonderful tales of the Doherâts into a community, from which will develop a universal understanding of the truuuuth!

And Kate Moss can piss off.

Now, all we need's some members. *looks around hopefully*

*for a few minutes*

*tumbleweed blows by*

Right. So I think I'll go post THE STORY THAT STARTED IT ALL!!!!

Or at least some of it. :)

♥ you all.
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